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    About us

    Jiangsu Sanleng Smart City & IOT System Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It has been Internet+ oriented for many years, relying on core technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, to provide government affairs management, urban management, and industry integrated and complete solutions for services and people's livelihood services; At present, it has formed the core business of smart city, covering security emergency, cross-border trade, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, smart medical, investment and mergers and acquisitions and other main business sectors.
    The company has devoted itself in the "safety" field for many years, has accumulated a lot of experience and research results in urban public safety and professional rescue, and has become a local emergency-related standard-setting company. The company's concept of "solving the last mile of emergency safety" has been highly recognized by all sectors of society.

    Products and Solutions

    After years of development, the company's business has expanded into dozens of products and solutions in six areas of smart engineering, environmental protection and new energy industries, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, security emergency, cross-border trade and foreign investment. The company has a successful practice of building a large number of smart cities at home and abroad, and is a pioneer in the field of smart cities in China. At the same time, through continuous research and development and innovation, the company has formed innovative products with independent intellectual property rights in the fields of smart fire protection, emergency industry and artificial intelligence, and has formed unique advantages in environmental protection field and cross-border trade.

    Smart City—People's livelihood
    Cross-border Trade
    Foreign Investment
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